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Set Combo HPBD Balloons for Adults sne36

185,000₫ 298,000₫
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Zalo+hotline: 0777 590 600 (English below)
Website: https://www.partyvui.com/


Option 1: Standard Pack

Combo price: 298K

Now only: 185K

Do not apply voucher or other programs. Prices for all the combos include all the product below and do not include any other product.


  1. 10 rose gold pearl balloons
  2. 2 20cm rose gold heart foil balloons
  3. 1 small crown foil balloon
  4. 1 set of HPBD foil balloon
  5. 1 small champagne bottle foil balloon
  6. 1 small champagne glass foil balloon
  7. 2 40cm silver number foil balloons (Pease note down your choice)
  8. 1 double sided tape


Option 2: Include a Pumper

Combo price: 343K

Now only: 214K


  1. All the products like Option 1
  2. 1 pumper


Option 3: Option 1+ Upsize Champagne foil balloon to 70cm

Combo price: 396K

Now only: 262K


  1. All the products like Option 1 but upsize 2 small champagne bottle and glass to big


Option 4: Option 3 + a Pumper

Combo price: 441K

Now only: 291K


  1. All the products like Option 3
  2. 1 pumper


Option 5: Option 4 + sparkling foil curtain

Combo price: 681K

Now only: 442K


  1. All the products like Option 4
  2. 2 rose gold or silver sparkling foil curtains (2m*2m2) (please note down your choice)


1) How to pump foil balloon: https://youtu.be/jJHiJPt4SQI

2) how to hang balloon garland : https://youtu.be/32idvVInpvs

3) balloon garland tutorial : https://youtu.be/V-UUrAKE9Ug

- Please note, this balloon set will need inflating with air and assembling so make sure to grab a balloon pump!
- We have service pump normal air and helium and deliver, pls contact 0777 590 600 if you need any assist. This service for customers in HCM city only
- All balloons color as photo (color may slightly different as real and photo)
- Changing color of balloon is available 

Chat FB or Zalo 0777 590 600 if you have any question

✔️SĐT+Zalo: 0777 590 600
✔️Địa chỉ : 385 Trần Hưng Đạo, p.Cầu Kho, Q.1, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh

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