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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Party Vui Customer! 

We have room for everyone. No matter the size of your business, you are offered these advantages:

What we offer

To provide a very good profitability for you, we offer exclusive wholesale prices (20-50% commission or discounts off retail prices) to companies and freelancers on more than 2,000 items for parties and celebrations.

  • We deliver orders in 30 mins to 48 hours (depending on your location in or outside of Ho Chi Minh City), and with no minimum purchase!
  • You can freely make use of our bank of inspirational ideas and use us as your professional partner in advising you in everything from the layout of decoration centerpieces to the products appropriate for your and your customers’ parties.
  • You will continuously receive information, news and seasonal products ideas that can boost your sales. 

We are specialists in

Party decoration supplies for your business  for personalized birthday celebrations, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve parties.

We provide full decoration services inclusive of balloons, backdrops, centerpieces, banners, and face-painting for all kinds of company events, grand openings, customers’ parties. We provide screen printed balloons. 

Our business

  • We believe in “one-stop shopping” to reduce the stress of traveling all over town looking for balloons, disposable tableware, confetti, party hats, etc., bargaining on prices with different vendors, having to design and print your own banners, or not being able to find that something special for your party.
  • Ourinventory is always growing, so if we don’t carry what you need in stock, we will source from our wide range of suppliers.
  • Browse through our website or come into our showroom. You will find both bursting with beautiful party supplies and fresh new ideas to make your party planning fun and easy.

Our customer


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